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Coleford Parish Council
The Hub, Church Street, Coleford

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Coleford Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month in the Meeting Room at The Hub, Church Street, Coleford. ‚Äč Visitors are welcome and are able to speak during the first fifteen minutes of the meeting from 7.00 pm to 7.15 pm.  The agenda will be posted to this website during the week prior to the meeting.

The meeting agendas, minutes and supporting documents listed below can be downloaded as pdf files. They are also available from the Parish Clerk.

A list of the meeting dates can be found here.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
13/12/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 13/12/2023Minutes 13/12/2023
22/11/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 22/11/2023Minutes 22/11/2023
08/11/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 08/11/2023Minutes 08/11/2023
25/10/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 25/10/2023Minutes 25/10/2023
11/10/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 11/10/2023Minutes 11/10/2023
13/09/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 13/09/2023Minutes 13/09/2023
09/08/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 09/08/2023Minutes 09/08/2023
26/07/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 26/07/2023Minutes 26/07/2023
12/07/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 12/07/2023Minutes 12/07/2023
28/06/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 28/06/2023Minutes 28/06/2023
14/06/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 14/06/2023Minutes 14/06/2023
17/05/2023Annual Parish Council meeting starting at 7pmAgenda 17/05/2023Minutes 17/05/2023View Reports
17/05/2023Parish Council meeting not starting before 7.30pmAgenda 17/05/2023Minutes 17/05/2023
26/04/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 26/04/2023Minutes 26/04/2023
12/04/2023Parish Council meetingAgenda 12/04/2023Minutes 12/04/2023
05/04/2023Extraordinary meetingAgenda 05/04/2023Minutes 05/04/2023View Reports
22/03/2023Annual Meeting of the Parish - To be approved 2024Agenda 22/03/2023Minutes 22/03/2023 (Unapproved)
22/03/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 22/03/2023Minutes 22/03/2023
08/03/2023Agenda 08/03/2023Minutes 08/03/2023
22/02/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 22/02/2023Minutes 22/02/2023
08/02/2023Agenda 08/02/2023Minutes 08/02/2023
25/01/2023Planning MeetingAgenda 25/01/2023Minutes 25/01/2023
11/01/2023Agenda 11/01/2023Minutes 11/01/2023

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