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Coleford Parish Council

Grassland Management and Conservation

Next month (May 2024) Somerset Council will begin summer grassland management routines across its highways, open spaces, country parks and council property grounds. 

Since the creation of Somerset Council last April, work has been underway to align the approaches of the five former authorities and their relevant services into one consistent, cross-county approach to all aspects of grassland management.

Where appropriate and safe, grassland areas will be allowed to rewild, set seed and improve conditions for nature to flourish. The aim is to allow a broader range of species to thrive, while retaining the Council’s commitment to ensuring safety. 

Providing larger, higher quality and better-connected grasslands across the county is pivotal to ensuring habitats are of high quality and support a diverse abundance of species. 

Defra has appointed Somerset Council as the lead for the Local Nature Recovery Strategy for Somerset, and grassland networks that deliver well-connected pollinator-friendly spaces will form part of this. This also includes green spaces and parks that transition to the capable hands of our city, town, and parish councils, and as they take the reins, we will also encourage them to embrace the “leave it longer” spirit and leave space for nature to thrive.

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Somersets Local Nature Recovery Strategy

1st May 2024