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Coleford Parish Council

Coleford Community Plan Update

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It's taken a while but the reports have now been produced.  There are three documents which can be found on the website:

  • Coleford Community Review Final Report 2022-23
  • Coleford Community Review Executive Summary Report 2022-23
  • Coleford Community Review Action Plan 2022-23

These will really help the Parish Council to prioritise projects over the coming years and provide valuable data to support grant applications which may be required to bring some to fruition.

We are grateful to everyone who took part in the questionnaire, without that data there would be no report.  

The Parish Council is also extremely grateful to the Steering Group who volunteered and gave their time and expertise freely over the last 6 months to progress this project through to the completion of these reports - Thank you!

Coleford Community review reports

15th June 2023